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    In the mobile phone market, the speed of development and the speed of launching new products continue, and time is especially critical. From the market's suppliers and manufacturers to manufacturers must produce a large number of different spare parts, modules and complete mobile phone systems in the shortest possible time.In order to ensure that the quality of these parts meets the needs of the manufacturer, it is necessary to produce samples, parts, materials, modules and injection conditions that need to be tested. This procedure is called the first three-dimensional inspection. After this critical process, the supplier and manufacturer can confirm whether the quality of these parts is in line with mass production.


    Mobile phone real shot

    Traditionally, coordinate measuring machines have been used to measure the size of a sample. Once a part is positioned, its multiple points are measured and its associated size report is generated. Once the tested parts are qualified, they can be put into mass production. If correction is still needed, the procedure needs to be repeated. Because 3D scanning systems can detect large amounts of data while reducing time, today's mobile phone manufacturers are beginning to adopt this 3D scanner 3D inspection program. High-density point cloud data can be captured using this system with existing CAD packages. The data is clear and easy to understand, enabling people to make quick decisions.


    Mobile phone STL data graph

    From the color map, any deviations from the scanned components of the original CAD module can be seen. The intersection is cut, the inspection points are determined, and key data is determined. The digitization of the inner casing of the phone can be completed in 30 minutes, and the final test results can be generated within one hour after the start of the scan.


    Mobile phone detection comparison data map

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